Talking the truth through humour

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Talking the truth through humour

My chief possesses a sacred gift that entails speaking the truth through humour. laughterHe’s been such a great advocate of it throughout the years that it’s proven instructional. The main thing I’ve heard him say often, one example of the speaking the truth in humour ,sometimes when I’ve had a point of view that could be judgmental, is, “Indeed, that agrees with my bias, too.”

To puts it simply, he conveys two important things: 1) that he agrees with me, but that 2) it isn’t really all there is to consider. And the truth implicit in his interaction has brilliance because humour is an aluminum foil that allows truth space without having it looking like a scorn.

TTTH can be one sure way of communicating the truth in affection. Talking the truth through humour (TTTH) isn’t a gift that can easily be used constantly, however; just occasionally. Not when people are suffering, for example. At times such as this, truth hardly belongs if it’s said tongue-in-cheek. The only time truth is prized in sorrow is when the truth is engraved with, and said in the grain of, kindness. But humour often won’t work if there’s too little relationship between lead characters.

TTTH is a relational wisdom that interacts a strong message without being confrontational or abrupt. It’s especially valuable if we understand people will regard the truth concealed enigmatically. Plus doubly resolute if we know folks will cherish the creative way the truth comes across. Indeed, the imagination of TTTH is its virtuoso. TTTH so prospective offence is converted into an absurd poise that paves the way to change. Speak the truth in humour, but undertake to get it straight. And we will only get it straight when our hearts are right about why we desire to relate truth.